Message to the launch of ANOMALY


Tokyo, Japan, in the Far East, 2018

What is the significant role that one single art gallery can play in today’s art world?
Rather than reinvent the wheel or repeat the same old questions, we paused for a while, to ponder what actions could be undertaken to have a real impact.
The rise of art galleries of the 90’s is fading, and over recent years, contemporary art in Japan may seem to have developed alongside the growth of the art market. On the other hand, this phenomenon could, paradoxically, be seen to have infused a stagnant mood, where the results from international art fairs and curated exhibitions may be foreseen, and restrictions rising from self-control in the artistic presentation at museums is conspicuous enough that we can perceive undefined instability and see the limitations at each standing position today.

The question yet remains unanswered. However, ANOMALY asks if overwriting the system of an “art gallery” once brought from Europe and America, and with flexibility which corresponds to the context of contemporary arts in Japan and beyond, especially Asia, could demonstrate more fluidity and sustainability in unique ways, finding our own new path.

ANOMALY incorporates three galleries – YAMAMOTO GENDAI, URANO and Hashimoto Art Office – each with professional experience of more than a decade in their field, gathered to take independent initiatives in enhancing future programs with a shared passion and motivation. As well as a financial merger, it creates one extended matrix that reaches out of our comfort zones as a whole new gallery.

The newly built space utilizes the different areas to embrace all artistic creations – the expanded exhibition floor to facilitate multi-purposed programs of all scales, and a lounge adjoining the spacious office to welcome artists and collaborators at any time to meet and co-work on a project basis.

In accordance with social conditions and needs, ANOMALY is driven to stretch its wings in delivering various formats of exhibitions, performances, and events such as talks and other public programs emerging from extensive research and dialogue. We will continuously work to cultivate culturally fertile soil to keep seeding change and to expand our creativity out of the existing framework of an “art gallery”.

We titled our new space “ANOMALY“, and the word stands for deviation from the normal, common order, or rule, and irregularity that cannot be explained by classical theory, or by general consideration.

It has been such a joyous process of transition after a year-long discussion, and it is our great pleasure with even more positivity to open its doors to the public.
We kindly ask your ongoing support and further guidance in our future challenge.


October, 2018