Kei Imazu

Kei Imazu
Born in Yamaguchi, 1990. Lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia.

Her artistic maneuvers incorporate various images found in numerous media from historical masterpieces, illustrated catalogues, and encyclopedias to trivial photos flowing over today’s social media on the internet, to edit and to draw a preliminary sketch in preparation to apply oil painting on canvas.
The movement of brush strokes and touches of hoarse on her tableau are precisely and digitally pre-arranged by the finger painting and brush tools that editing software offers. Glitches created by processing heavy data and the familiar-looking image of the software window we see on a daily basis also become motifs in her paintings.
The development in technology has given such impact and change in human perception, and relates to the art expression since prehistoric times. In the midst of accelerated development in computer graphics and smartphones that are essential today, Imazu challenges to acquire updated viewpoints in the art history by encompassing self-consciousness and reaction to spatial arena and objects. From distorted and intertwined images depicted on the canvas, the viewers witness a trace, for a long time, the artist followed her deep contemplation and attempt over the notion of painting itself.

In 2009, Imazu was awarded Prize for Excellence at VOCA, and Encouragement Award at the 5th Kinutani Koji Award. Over 4-meter long of her painting is collected by Minneapolis Institute of Art in 2017.


Minneapolis Institute of Art, America
Takahashi Collection, Tokyo


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