Akiko Kinugawa

Akiko Kinugawa
Born in New York, 1986. Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

Akiko Kinugawa is a young emerging artist who continues to paint the “moment” when person’s eyes met to others, animals, and objects. Pigments are smudged and rubbed thinly against on canvas and cotton cloths, blurred forms are also give us sense of grotesqueness like organs.
Her resent exhibitions are, “Crazy for Painting – vol.6 Akiko KINUGAWA”, gallery αM, Tokyo, Japan (curated by Kenjiro Hosaka, the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, 2012); “Joint Graduation Exhibition of 5 Art Universities”, The National Art Center, Tokyo; “VOCA the Vision of Contemporary Art 2015” (by recommendation of Chika Mori, curator of MOT, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo), “Unusualness Makes Sense – Alternative Art Practices by Thai and Japanese Artists”, Chiang Mai University Art Center, Gallery Seascape, Chiang Mai, Thailand (2016).



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