Kohei Kobayashi


Kohei Kobayashi
Born in Tokyo,1974. Based in Saitama.

Kobayashi initially produced video works that displaced viewers’ perceptions and consciousness through the reiteration of physical movements, disrupted motions, and impersonal actions. Eventually he began to take a leading role in his videos, acting out combinations and permutations of objects and words. Thereafter, he has put on in conjunction with others dialogue-based demonstrations, as well as in recent years presenting sculptural installations that invite the viewer’s participation.

While Kobayashi has continued to expand his range of media, his work consistently remains marked by an exploration of dichotomies – such as between subject and object, human beings and inanimate objects, the conscious mind and unconscious matter – and an exhaustive analysis and far-reaching manipulation of each.

At the same time, it is impossible to overlook the immense force of the artist’s floods of images and ideas that radically disrupt the precision of these operations. Herein lies the inscrutability and incomparable the appeal of Kobayashi’s work.



Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea
Takahashi Collection, Tokyo


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