Miyuki Tsugami

Miyuki Tsugami
Born in 1973, Tokyo, raised in Osaka. Lives and works in Kanagawa.

Completed a Master’s degree in fine art from the Kyoto University of the Arts in 1998. The artistic maneuver of Tsugami’s painting is based on her long-standing reexamination and continuous exploration derived from her stay in New York in 1996 to her time on a residency program hosted by Ohara Museum of Art in Okayama in 2005, when she established a distinctive practice to create a painting from numerous sketches taken in her everyday life. As part of the Gotoh Memorial Foundation Award in Fine Art Division she was given in 2013, the one-year experience to stay in the UK – known for the birthplace of the landscape painting cultivated her practice further and the artistic production with contemplation over the many painters of all time. The titles on her works are prefixed with “View” which they originate from a perspective that the artistic depiction of her painting extends more than just a single subject or a scene, moreover, it encompasses a wider point of view and its complexity.

Her major exhibitions include “ARKO TSUGAMI MIYUKI,“ Ohara Museum of Art, Okayama (2005), “TSUGAMI Miyuki 24 seasons-passing sceneries, connecting minds,” Spiral Garden, Tokyo (2008), “Artist File 2009,” National Art Center, Tokyo (2009), “TSUGAMI Miyuki View-Trace and Reprise,” Ichinomiya City Memorial Art Museum of Setsuko Migishi, Aichi, (2015), “TSUGAMI Miyuki Japanese Landscapes-Uckermark Landscapes,” Dominikanerkloster Klostergalerie, Prenzlau,Germany (2015), “TSUGAMI Miyuki Toki-no-kei, Tsunagutoki (Landscape of Time, connected time),” POLA MUSEUM ANNEX, Tokyo (2016), “Tsugami Miyuki,” Kitakata City Museum of Art, Fukushima (2018), “TSUGAMI Miyuki,” The Ueno Royal Museum Gallery, Tokyo (2018),”The Herstory of Abstraction in East Asia,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei (2018), “TSUGAMI Miyuki View-People and Landscapes,” Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum, Nagasaki (2019). Tsugami is also the recipient of the Vision of Contemporary Art (VOCA) Award in 2003.



Arts Maebashi, Gunma
Artizon Museum, Tokyo
Kurashiki Central Hospital, Okayama
Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto
Kyushu Dental College
Morgan Stanley
Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum, Nagasaki
National Museum of Art, Osaka
Ohara Museum of Art, Okayama
Orix Corporation
The City of Kashiwa
The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo


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