Yusuke Asai


Yusuke Asai
Born in Tokyo, 1981. Lives and works in Tokyo.

Yusuke Asai uses various materials and expands his world. Including his production at his atelier, he has been making Masking Plant series since 2003, which are permanent marker drawings on masking tapes that are freely pasted on the walls and floors. He collects soil and water from the local area and creates Earth paintings series. He also creates Sprouted Plants series that he cuts out the shapes of animals and plants from the sheet of road marking white line and torches on the road surface. Recently, he has received a lot of attention for large-scale earth paintings that are over 10 meter. He juxtaposes animals and plants without any space, small animals and plants appear inside of bigger living things just like macro exists inside of micro, the ecosystem in the universe.

His significant solo exhibitions are, “Yusuke ASAI: Seeds of Imagination, Journey of Soil”, The Hakone Open-Air Museum, Kanagawa, Japan (2015); He has participated in major group exhibitions, such as “All Living Things”, Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, Shizuoka, Japan (2016); “Echigo-Tsumari Art Field”, Tokamachi City, Niigata, Japan (2015). He is also participated in so many art projects outside of Japan such as “yamatane”, Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, USA (2014).



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Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
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