Anne Eastman

Solo Exhibition

Mountain Passage

2022.9.10 (Sat.) - 10.8 (Sat.)

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Reception for the artist: 9.10 (Sat.), 17:00 – 19:00

Guest Gallery: The Green Gallery (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)

©︎Anne Eastman

We at ANOMALY are pleased to announce an upcoming solo exhibition of works by Anne Eastman as part of “Onsen Confidential”. Titled Mountain Passage, it will run from September 10 (Sat.) to October 8 (Sat.), 2022.

Anne Eastman was born in 1973 in San Francisco, USA, and grew up in Berkeley, Singapore, and Tokyo. She is currently based between Brooklyn, NY and Nikko, Tochigi. She studied Cultural Anthropology at Smith College and later attended Yale School of Art where she received an MFA in Sculpture. Working with a variety of media such as moving image, sculpture, collage, assemblage, her work has been shown in New York and internationally. Since 2015 she has also focused her practice in and around Troedsson Villa, her family’s house located in Nikko, Japan, where she invites other artists and writers to stay and, on occasion, organizes exhibitions at Tetsuo’s Garage.


Mountains form when two continental plates meet and neither is subsumed but rather crumple and fold as they push up against each other. What we see as permanent monuments in the landscape are actually ephemeral and in a perpetual state of flux, continually tearing and breaking apart. This process creates gaps and valleys, precarious and meandering passages through mountain ranges.

Newspaper delivers news of the moment, it’s intended to be useful for one day, but the physical paper acquires other uses extending its life far beyond the 24-hour cycle of media. Soon enough (already for most) it will be completely replaced by its digital version.

The fragments of newspaper used this work were found lining drawers, crumpled around ornaments, under boots in the closet, and other unexpected places all around Troedsson Villa, some of them dating back almost 50 years. Yellowing thin paper allows news of history or cataclysmic events to bleed through mundane classified ads. Fragments of the past crumble into the present. I think of them as topographical peaks worn away to reveal the now, or passages traversing metaphysical spaces between epochs, collapsing the personal and the historical.

– Anne Eastman


[What is Onsen Confidential?]

Onsen Confidential is a hybrid city-wide gallery share and natural hot spring retreat / conference. The project is meant to bring together like-minded gallerists in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation and to provide a friendly introduction to the unique context of the contemporary art world of Tokyo.

Onsen Confidential was inspired by precedents such as the Milwaukee International, Paramount Ranch, Condo, OKEY DOKEY, Friend of a Friend, the Villa Projects (Villa Warsaw, Villa Reykjavik and Villa Toronto), non-profit initiatives such as NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) and Paris Internationale and gallery organizations such as CADAN (Contemporary Art Dealers Association Nippon) and the IGA (International Galleries Alliance).

Sponsored by Ken Kagami, Cafe Sunday, uruotte, Utrecht
Special thanks: Hikotaro Kanehira
Travel agent: JTB
Media sponsor: Contemporary Art Library
Initiated by Jeffrey and Misako Rosen, COBRA


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