– Motohiko Odani’s Solo Exhibition Related Event – Nodoka Odawara with Motohiko Odani Artist Talk

Artist talk: About “Sculptures”
Nodoka Odawara (Sculptor, researcher) with Motohiko Odani (Exhibiting artist)

May 9th (Thu), 2019
open at 19:00 / start at 19:30 – around 21:30

Entrance fee:¥800 -(tax incl.)1 drink / Register here
Place: ANOMALY (1-33-10 Terrada Art Complex 4F Higashi-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
Presented by: ANOMALY

*Talk will be conducted in Japanese.
*Exhibition will be on view until at 19:00.



Nodoka Odawara
Born in 1985 in Miyagi, currently based in Tokyo.
Sculptor, researcher and co-founder of publishing project, topofil.
Graduated from the Sculpture course at the Tama Art University, Intermedia Art course at Tokyo University of the Arts, and received her Ph.D. in Arts from Tsukuba University.
Her recent essay on the removal of Sun Child, a sculptural work by Kenji Yanobe is published on the Bijutsutecho online (2018), and also includes “Empty Pedestal: On the Female Nudes in Public Space” ( SCULPTURE 1, topofil, 2018). Odawara won the Allotment Travel Award 2018, the prize for outstanding work at the 12th Gunma Biennale For Young Artists 2015. In 2020, topofil schedules to publish Passages in modern Sculpture, a book by Rosalind Krauss in Japanese (translated by Tsutomu Nakano).

Motohiko Odani
Born in 1972 in Kyoto, currently based in Tokyo.
The artist and sculptor, Motohiko Odani made his debut with the 1997 solo exhibition “Phantom Limb,” in Tokyo, and his works have been showcased at the international exhibitions and art biennales: Lyon Biennale (2000), and the Istanbul Biennale (2001), and notably at the Japan Pavilion as a representative of his country in Venice 2003.
The core theme running through his artistic output encompasses the phantasm in lost physical sensations and transformation of the body, and it explores the ambiguous gap in existence and absence, a state of awakening and a half dreaming. Incorporating diverse media including three-dimensional works, photography, videos in a sculptural installation for the immersive experience and audience interaction, his oeuvre is highly acclaimed in and out of his country.

*honorifics omitted