ー Tatzu Nishi’s Solo Exhibition Related Eventー Tatzu Nishi ×[mé](Haruka Kojin, Kenji Minamigawa) Talk session

Talk session: Tatzu Nishi × [mé](Haruka Kojin, Kenji Minamigawa)

2020/02/15 (Sat)
Open at 18:00 / Start at 18:30 –
Admission fee: ¥500 – / Please Register here
Capacity: 50 seats

*Registration required.
*Japanese only



Photo by Takahiro Tsushima

Mé is a Japanese art collective/team project with three core members, artist Haruka Kojin, director Kenji Minamigawa, and production manager Hirofumi Masui.
Mé works on the realization of artworks that manipulate perceptions of the physicalworld. Their installations provoke awareness of the inherent unreliability and uncertainty in the world around us.

Tatzu Nishi
Born in Aichi, Japan,1960. Lives and works in Berlin and Tokyo.
Tatzu Nishi is internationally renowned for his large-scale public projects. His works transform familiar public items, such as a city monument or streetlight, into an object placed in a private space, like a living room or a hotel room. By transforming public structures into private spaces, he demolishes the notion of the everyday and provoke an intense frisson of excitement in the viewer.
He has presented his work in numerous places around the world, such as his recent successful completion of large-scale public projects including “The Garden Which is The Nearest to God”, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Holland (2015); “Discovering Columbus”, New York (2012); “TRACK”, Gent, Belgium (2012); “Singapore Biennale” (2011); “Kaldor Art Projects”, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney (2009); “Estuaire”, Nante/Saint-Nazaire, France (2009) and “Ecstasy”, MOCA, Los Angeles (2005). He also had “Solo Group Show – Taturo Atzu, Tatzu Nishi, Tazu Rous, Tatzu Oozu, Tatsurou Bashi, Tazro Niscino” at HAB Galerie, Nantes, France in 2015.