Kosuke Nagata|Kosuke Nagata on Chaos Lounge Geijutsudouga 24-hour live streaming program

  • Update Date: 2020.05.27
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From 3pm on May 30, on the 1st anniversary of the Chaos Lounge Geijutsudouga, Kosuke Nagata will join as a guest in a conversation with Kazuki Umezawa (artist) and Yohei Kurose (art critic, artist). The whole event will discuss about temptation of the art in a time of pandemic.
The program will be live-streamed on niconicolive, and presented mainly in Japanese.

In the wake of his recent artwork that examines uncertainty in the cultural dialogues particularly from a culinary domain and the self-catering that lockdown forced, the conversation will unfold the relationship between art and food.