Elena Knox, Hiroyuki Oki|IAPK 2020 vol.5 Screening Program “Anticinema, Do Movie”

Elena Knox, Hiroyuki Oki

IAPK 2020 vol.5 Screening Program “Anticinema, Do Movie”

2020.10.31 (Sat)

Motomachi Eigakan, Kobe

As part of Interdisciplinary Art Project Kobe 2020 vol.5 titled “Anticinema, Do Movie” to the screening event, video works by Elena Knox and Hiroyuki Oki are included in the program. Managed by Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo (IAFT), Interdisciplinary Art Project features artists who engage in interdisciplinary practice, creating new values that connect people by introducing more dynamic art festivals that reflects contemporary society.

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