Miyuki Tsugami|Workshop at Artizon Museum

Miyuki Tsugami
Artizon Museum “ABSTRACTION” Related Workshop

Anata no shiten (Your point of view)
2023.7.29(Sat.)16:00-19:00 (Opening15:30)

Hukei no arika (Whereabouts of Landscape)
2023.8.5(Sat.)14:00-17:00 (Opening13:30)

Lecturer: Miyuki Tsugami
Venue: Artizon Museum, 3F Lecture Room, Tokyo
Capacity: Max.20 per lecture
Admission: Free
Application: Apply from Artizon Museum Homepage(Deadline:7.20(Thu.))

Sketchbook No.153 9:57am 28 June 2022(2022)
Pencil, watercolour, paper
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