Nile Koetting|EBM(T) Issue 019 Hideki Umezawa “Trans-Objects”

Initiated by Nile Koetting and Nozomu Matsumoto, EBM(T) is a virtual aural room for discovery and sharing of sounds based in Tokyo since 2014. It is designed for use by artists, scientists, creators, designers, musicians, and others working in various genres around the world.

EBM(T) Issue 019 Hideki Umezawa “Trans-Objects”

2020/8/5 (Wed) − 9/9 (Wed)
EBM(T), Online


Hideki Umezawa (b1986, JP) is an artist working with a diverse range of formats, such as installation, photography, sound and composition. He received his MFA from Tokyo University of the Arts. His works and projects have been presented at “FUKAMI – une plongée dans l’ esthétique japonaise“ (Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, France, 2018), “Desire: A Revision from the 20th Century to the Digital Age” (Irish Museum of Modern Art, Ireland, 2019), “0℃” (NTT InterCommunication Center, Japan, 2019). He was a resident artist at EMS Stockholm (Sweden, 2019).