Yayoi Deki

Yayoi Deki
Born in Osaka, 1977. Lives and works in Hiroshima.

Deki’s work is well known for an exquisitely detailed painting with a vibrant color palette and a distinctive art form of finger stamping, beaming utter purity and eternal adolescent. In the meticulously painted work particularly the “Flags” series, her monomaniac posture represents in a collection of miniature faces as an element of transcendency within a pictorial screen.
Her painting constitutes primordial insanity that human nature hides in such ambivalence with the bliss drowning in the pool of colors, innocence that wisdom and idiocy encounter, and mystical portrayal in details.

Deki officially debuted in the group exhibition “Ground Zero Japan” at Art Tower Mito (1999) followed by the notable group exhibitions “Roppongi Crossing 2007: Future Beats in Japanese Contemporary Art” at Mori Art Museum (2007), the 7th Venice Biennale of Architecture (2000), and the 7th Lyon Biennial (2003). Her artwork was also featured in the music album and as one of the celebrated artists in the first decade of the 2000s, she continuously creates her work of art with occasional adventures to wander.



21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
Takamatsu Art Museum, Kagawa
Takahashi Ryutaro Collection, Tokyo


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